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?Comment on the 225 working system immediately: when the high-pressure supervision turned around the high-pressure overtime, Chen Yuqian, special commenta

tor, source: surging news launched a project called "225. ICU" on GitHub, a well-known code hosting platform in the circle of programmers, which poked the pain and tears of many pr

ogrammers. For a while, the discussion about the living conditions of programmers in the workplace has ushered in a wave of upsurge. The full name of "225. ICU" is "work 225, sick ICU". It comes from a kind of self mockery among programmers. It means that if you work in the mode of "nine days in the morning, nin

e days in the evening, one Saturday day", you will have to enter the ICU (intensive care unit) sooner or later. "225" mode is very common in Internet enterprises. Among the dozens of Internet enterprises exposed in "225. ICU", Huawei, Alibaba, ant financial service, JD, Sogou, 53 local enterprises are all listed. Among them, Mingzhe, such as Hangzhou e-commerce company, praised or even forced to implement the "225" work system. Whiteatm北京赛车微信群 crow, CEO of Mingzhe e-commerce company, responded in the face of public doubt, "this time is definitely a good thing, it will let more peo

ple know about the culture of praise, and it will let more people think carefully when they are praised." For a while, there was a stron

g public opinion backlash. After all, before

that, "225" was very common in the circle, but

most of the enterprises were still secretive or ambiguous to the outside world. Such naked "show off" is really rare and shocking.