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Man drags dyi

ng shark out of water to pose for a picture in disturbing footageDisgraceful footage showing a man draggin

g a stranded shark out of water pose for a photograph has gone viral. The cruel video, posted online by American journalist Ashleigh Walters, shows the man dragging the clearly distressed

shark from the water before holding it down and smilin

g for pictures as laughing onlookers watch on filming the scenes. Just last week an endangered dolphin died as a result of being pulled out of the sea and handed around a large group

of people for selfies by tourists visiting an Argentinian beach. Ash

leigh Walters confirme

d the shark in this case was returned back to the ocean after all the photos

had been taken, though this was not shown on the video. The journalist said in her Facebook post: “Shark was put farther into water after end of video. It did not resurface for several minutes.” Sick: this man pulled a struggling shark out of water to pose for pictures (Image: Facebook/Ashleigh Walters) The incident, which occurred on a beach in Palm Beach County, Florida has sparked yet mor

e outrage online with animal rights campaigners calling for people to stop using wild animals and marine mammals for their own entertainment. Read more:Ricky Gervais furious after video shows baby dolphin taken out of water to die so people can sna

p selfies While shark fishing is legal in Florida some species are protpk10三码规律 ected. Horrific: this cruel man uses a live shark to pose for pictures on the beach (Image: Facebook/Ashleigh Walters) It is legal to kill spinner sharks as long as they are 54 inches long from nose to tail. According to reports there are 25 shark species, including the Atlantic angel and scalloped hammerhead shark, that cannot be touched.